Posted8/29/2017 9:48:25 AM
Subject?2017 Mini was a great success.
BodyI would have to say this was a great reunion. Weather perfect, but we still had a fire in the fireplace and no bugs. CD player with some of our favorite tunes of old. Good friends, food delicious, plenty of it and enough for everyone to take home an extra meal. Glad we thought of foam containers. Ernie did a great job for us and gave us some extras. Plenty of chicken, corn on the cob (done perfect) fruit salad with 3 kinds of melon, raspberries, strawberries and grapes. Mac salad, potato salad and a spiral pasta salad, salt potatoes and he threw in spicy chicken wings. We had a big bowl of just watermelon that Liz provided, Hazel - a nice appetizer of cheeses and crackers, and variety of grapes. I provided a taco veg. dip. Nancy brought her bocce ball set that Vince and I did a few rounds of. We should have organized some teams. First time I had played it or attempted to. Like it. Some took a walk over to the Falls viewing point. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves with just the conversations. Billy Owens always a great conversationalist had a collective group. Thanks to everyone on our crew for their assistance in getting set up and taking down. Liz, thank you for chairing this year and for your lovely flowers from your garden for the tables. We did very good with our cost this year. $15.36 per head inclu. tax and gratuity covered the meal (unbelievable). $20.00 charge was enough to cover the additional costs, right on the nose almost $19.88, including the $100 fee for the pavilion. Nothing had to be taken from the treasury.
AuthorSuzanne Bartow